The Malta second passport program (Malta Individual Investor Program), was established in 2013 and is already proving very successful for people that are requiring dual citizenship in Europe. The Malta passport program procedures are relatively fast and citizenship and a second passport can be obtained in approximately 12 months. The second passport program is regarded as one of the most prestigious in Europe.


The Government invites individuals to apply for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program who are of good character, satisfy the due diligence process and make a significant contribution to the economic development of Malta. There is no language requirement and dual citizenship is permitted. Successful applicants who have committed to the Malta Citizenship Program will benefit from EU Citizenship and Law and visa free travel to Schengen areas, the UK, USA and Canada together with some 160 destinations worldwide.

About Malta

Malta, officially the Republic of Malta, is an island country situated in the central Mediterranean some 80 km south of Sicily. It has a population of 450,000. The capital of Malta is Valletta and it has two official languages: English and Maltese. English is widely spoken.

Malta is a full EU Member State, has a strong financial services sector and is a well-established business hub and jurisdiction of choice for a number of multinational and international companies. Malta is an ideal location to conduct business within the EU, Middle East and North African markets.


Persons who become resident in Malta but retain a domicile of origin or choice outside of Malta are only subject to Maltese tax on income and gains arising in Malta or income remitted to Malta. There is no Maltese tax charged on non-remitted foreign source income or any foreign source capital gains whether remitted or not i.e. no worldwide taxation for persons who are not domiciled in Malta. With the exception of 5% duty on an inheritance of immovable property situated in Malta, it has no other wealth or death taxes.