The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme is an official government sponsored programme voted into law in 2013. The programme has been operational since 2014 and enables the Government to grant second passports to persons of good character who make an economic contribution to the country. Antigua citizenship is delivered within approximately 3-6 months from initial application. There is no language proficiency test and the procedure is fast and flexible. Holders of Antigua citizenship have visa free travel to approximately 130 countries, including the UK, Canada and the countries of the Schengen area.

Key Facts

  • Official government programme enshrined in law by the Antigua and Barbuda Economic Citizenship Programme Act 2012.
  • Dual citizenship permitted: no requirement for applicants to relinquish home country citizenship status.
  • Confidentiality is expressly preserved by law.
  • Investment property can be re-sold after 5 years to recoup all or part of the initial investment. Rental yield available in the interim period.
  • Antigua and Barbuda citizens may Travel to Schengen member nations without having a visa for 90 days, in a total period of six months succeeding the very first entrance in any E.U. country.

  • As a member of the British Commonwealth, Visa Free Travel to around 130 countries and nations in the world, including Europe, Singapore, Canada, the UK, and Hong Kong for business or pleasure, visa free.

  • Full citizenship with passport is granted to the applicant and family, and is irrevocable for life.
  • Citizenship grants the unconditional and unrestricted right to live, work and travel in and out of Antigua.
  • No requirement to permanently reside in Antigua and low qualifying threshold of 35 days in a 5 year period for passport renewal.
  • Access to international banking institutions, strong asset protection laws and well regulated financial services.
  • Stable democratic government and legal system based on English common law.

What Our Experts Say

The verdant tropical island of Antigua and Barbuda is not only one of the most desirable international holiday destinations but also one of the newest and most attractive providers of so-called instant passports and second citizenship. Similar in terms of cost and benefits to the well established St Kitts & Nevis programme, the Antigua and Barbuda programme is a credible and desirable alternative in a stunning location with excellent facilities, a wide range of investment options and a fast and streamlined application process.

This programme will suit those seeking citizenship and a second passport in 3 months. An uncomplicated and comparatively affordable option with no onerous tax obligations. For those choosing the investment option, there is a good rental market and/or the opportunity to utilise the real estate for vacations in one of the world’s most desirable locations.

About Antigua & Barbuda

The British Commonwealth country of Antigua & Barbuda (often referred to as Antigua) is an independent Leeward Island nation in the Eastern Caribbean. It has a population of about 90,000 with approximately a third of the residents living in the capital city, St John’s. Its official language is English. Antigua is the larger and most populous of the two islands.

Known mainly as a fashionable holiday and leisure destination, it has reef-lined beaches, rainforests and international standard resorts. With its wide bays and ample moorings it is also well known as a yachting hub. One of the island’s most popular attractions is the picturesque resort of English Harbour, where Admiral Nelson once based the British navy fleet.

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