CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT – the growing importance.

Most people are born into citizenship of a single country; an unfortunate few are stateless and have no citizenship.  The citizenship you have is inherited, largely an accident of birth, and however proud you are of your country, your heritage and culture your citizenship may or may not be fit for purpose for any number of reasons.

Let’s assume your citizenship is not fit forpurpose or you are stateless.  Understandably, you would explore all avenues legally open to you to improve your position and that of your family.  The driver can be any number of factors: a wish to relocate to another country for better prospects or greater security or to be able to reside in another country for health, education, business or tax purposes or simply to travel internationally with greater ease for business or leisure. You may have an economic citizenship and be eligible for another, due to heredity, or because of your prolonged legal residence in another country or by acquiring refugee status. And there is another way to acquire citizenship legally – by investing in a new citizenship.

Second Citizenship Programs

You don’t need to be super-rich or a member of a ruling or business elite to acquire a new citizenship by investment or passport by investment. The second citizenship programs are open to anyone who can afford the admission fee and are committed to joining an emerging band of proactive, forward-thinking individuals who have resolved to seize an opportunity to permanently change their own personal and economic situation and create opportunities for successive generations of their heirs by acquiring a second citizenship.

citizenship by investmentThere has never been more choice or opportunity for prospective investors. The second citizenship or second citizenship programs and second passport by Investment industry has grown exponentially in the last 5-10 years and shows every indication of going from strength to strength. In the Caribbean the established programmes of Dominica and St Kitts & Nevis have been supplemented by Antigua, St Lucia and Grenada.  In Europe, popular newcomers have emerged in the form of Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and Spain.  There are now many excellent alternatives: it is no longer about the US, Canada, Australia or the UK. The advantage to the prospective investor is clear: not only is there more choice in terms of available countries and budget but also increasing competition between programme countries means that more dependents are able to qualify

Faced with multiple choice, key life changing decisions and the need to invest wisely and appropriately it is imperative to establish a budget, take professional and impartial advice on all potentially suitable options and to act expeditiously.  Remember – this is one investment that, handled correctly, will keep on giving for generations to come