Procedures and Timelines

Step 1. Preparation of Applications

To initiate the procedure, you are to contact us for a preliminary quotation. If terms and conditions meet your expectations, we will issue the invoice for the legal fees associated with your participation in the citizenship investment program. Upon your application being accepted, we will then require the remainder of the fees. If there are reasons why your application might be refused, that are obvious without investigation, you will be advised accordingly, before you make any payment to us.

We assist you on every step as you move forward through completion of applications, preparation of personal documents and further procedures up to the moment you are granted citizen’s status and have your new passport.

Step 2. Due Diligence Investigation

As soon as you provided all the required documents, we contact the international detective agency approved by the Government of Dominica for the conduct of due diligence investigations. These fees are not refundable.

Background investigation is normally a time-consuming process, and the needed time depends on your particular circumstances (for example, on how many countries are involved in the verification procedure, etc.).

Step 3. Investment Deposits

When the results of your due-diligence check come back, your application is to be carefully considered by the Financial Services Unit. Upon receipt of a comfort letter from the Minister of Finance and Social Security in this regard, you are to deposit the stipulated investment amount. The Government will not transfer the deposited investment funds from this account for further use, until naturalisation certificates have been issued to you and your family.

Step 4. Taking of Oath, Certificates of Naturalisation and Procurement of Passports

Upon final approval of the application by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Labour, each applicant is to sign an Oath of Allegiance before a Notary Public (Justice of Peace, or Commissioner of Oaths). Parents sign the Oath on behalf of the minor children (0-16).

At this stage, a Certificate of Naturalisation will be issued in the name of each applicant. We then can apply for your passports. As soon as the passports are ready, we will forward you the Certificates of Naturalisation and passports.

Time necessary to obtain Dominican citizenship and passport

The effective time needed for the whole procedure vary from case to case. The law provides for the minimum period of two (2) months. In practice, it may take up to 4 months. You should be aware, however, that a significant part of time is needed for due diligence agency vetting procedures and depends on your particular circumstances.