Our Service

Any client wishing to apply for the Portugal Residence Permit Programme (GRP) will receive the following services from ICB:

Legal Services

Full support to the foreign investor covering the property acquisition, the application for investor visa and renewals.

Full legal due diligence on property, preparation and assistance on property acquisition including client representation, property registration procedures and document services.

Fast, efficient file processing

Flagging any missing documents or information that may be required to complete your file for presentation to the authorities.

Co-ordinate and facilitate the exploratory visit, to visa issuance

  • Airport pick up (charged separately)
  • Arranging of hotel accommodation
  • Arranging of various tours including business tour, tourism tour and education facilities tour (charged separately)
  • Accompanying to Immigration office
  • Interpreter service (charged separately)
  • Follow up and investigation of any particular or unusual item that may arise before during or after the interview
  • Organising, arranging and completing the required investment and delivery of the necessary investment documents to the Portuguese Authorities
  • Monitor the issuance of the Golden Residence Visa

Welcoming Kit

A welcoming kit is provided to all our clients. This kit organises and simplifies the exploratory visit by providing valuable information on accommodation, transportation, tours, Portuguese courses and many other points of interest, if required.

Investment Advice

We provide advice and suggestions on suitable investment opportunities for participation in the Golden Visa programme.