The growing importance of an alternative Citizenship or Residence

Creating options is the motivation behind the concept of a global citizenship strategy. A second citizenship is a powerful, strategic tool and for many is the key to providing security, flexibility and a wider range of life-choices for themselves and their family. Increasing numbers of wealthy individuals, international businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors are acquiring one or more additional citizenships as part of their business, wealth and generational planning.

In a sophisticated world, the need or desire to have homes, businesses and investments in multiple jurisdictions is now commonplace. Acquiring a new residence or citizenship is a means of giving the whole family more choice, security and flexibility.  And lest there be any doubt, it is 100% legal.  This is a business conducted in the full glare of publicity, to recognised international standards and subject to a high level of scrutiny.  It is a business whose time has come.

The choice of citizenship and residence programmes is greater than ever and is constantly evolving. The need for professional, independent advice is key. At ICB we pride ourselves on the ability to deliver first class advice and to execute and deliver solutions to the highest professional standards.

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