PN leader demands details of citizenship scheme beneficiaries, OPM says Busuttil has ‘no right’

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has this morning said he expects the prime minister to keep his promise about lifting secrecy on the citizenship scheme by handing him a list of the persons given a Maltese passport and their home country.

Speaking on Radio 101, the Opposition leader said he hoped that the “dirt” in the granting of residence permits did not extend to the citizenship scheme. Rebutting Busuttil’s claims, the Office of the Prime Minister insisted that the citizenship-by-investment programme was overseen by a regulator.

In a reaction to the Busuttil’s comments, the OPM underlined that the names of those people granted citizenship under the scheme was published within the whole list of persons granted citizenship, and that no one – not even politicians – have a right for the personal details of the beneficiaries.

“The Opposition leader now wants the personal details of these persons because he thinks that he is above the law, and that he is a right for information which in terms of law, cannot be disclosed to anyone,” it said.

“The government is committed to abide by the law, including its provisions on transparency, but it would also rely on the regulatory body, whose report is made public,” it said.

The Office of the Prime Minister also said that it hoped that Busuttil act with responsibility during next week’s monitoring committee meeting, after on Friday, the PN leader was accused of referring to sensitive information for political gain.

Speaking on the discussion in the Security Services Committee about the racket on the granting of residence permits and visas, the PN leader said Identity Malta chairman Joe Vella Bonnici “should resign or be kicked out” as he had no idea of what was happening under his nose.


[home affairs minister] Carmelo Abela keeps on defending Vella Bonnici, then he should shoulder political responsibility,” he said. Similarly, the Opposition leader said it was useless for the government to insist that the racket at Identity Malta had been ongoing since 2011, as it only emerged only after three Libyan nationals spoke of how auditor Joe Sammut had falsified documents to help them obtain their residence permits.

“The government is lying when it is saying that the investigation was started by the agency itself, and is useless to blame previous administrations as Identity Malta was created by this government. I will not be an accomplice in the lies of Joseph Muscat and Carmelo Abela,” Busuttil said while reiterating his call for an independent inquiry.

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