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  • Commencement
    A retainer is paid to ICB.
    Client agreement signed by applicant and ICB.

  • Preparation
    Application pack issued to applicant.
    All supporting documents to be gathered by applicant.

  • Documentation & Fees Submission
    All required documents to be submitted to ICB.
    Transfer due diligence fees to ICB.
    Transfer 10% of total Government Fees to Antigua Government.

  • Real Estate
    Applicant proceeds with selection of Real Estate.
    ICB review and approve the Purchase and Sale Agreement.
    Applicant executes the Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Real Estate developer and pays a deposit for the real estate (deposit refundable if application declined).
    Balance of cost of property transferred to a trusted Escrow account (PWC) while awaiting for approval.

  • Approval
    Escrow agent shows evidence of client’s funds being held for the real estate acquisition.
    Due diligence procedure carried out by a third party international consultant. Antigua & Barbuda Immigration Department will screen the applicant with background checks through both Interpol and Homeland Security databases.
    Application approved.

  • Payment of Fees

    Donation Route
    Full Donation amount is paid to Antigua Government.
    Balance of Government Fees released to Antigua Government.
    Balance of legal fees paid to ICB.

    Real Estate Route
    Balance of Real Estate fees released to Developer.
    Balance of Government Fees released to Antigua Government.
    Balance of legal fees paid to ICB.

  • Application Refusal
    Funds for real estate in Escrow account returned to applicant.
    Due diligence fees forfeited.
    ICB initial retainer forfeited.
    10% of government fees forfeited.

  • Citizenship Certificate and Passport
    Once the application has been approved, there is a requirement to either visit Antigua, or visit their nearest embassy or consulate to swear an oath of allegiance, then the applicant will be issued with a citizenship certificate and passport.

  • Completion of Real Estate Transaction
    Real Estate transaction is completed.

The applicants will be notified within 6 to 8 weeks in normal circumstances of their acceptance or rejection for citizenship The country of residence of the applicant largely determines the time taken to obtain the due diligence report.

There is a 5 day total residency requirement for the applicant or members of the applicant’s family over a five year period after the granting of citizenship and passport. The property ownership must be maintained for a five year period.