St Kitts and Nevis – CBI Passport Numbers

Have you ever wondered how many citizenship by investment passports there are in circulation? There is little information readily available but the St Kitts & Nevis government has recently bucked that trend and announced figures for their own programme.

The St Kitts & Nevis government is to be commended for it’s transparency which is in keeping with the new government’s stated intention of applying a new broom to the programme and opening it up to inspection and scrutiny – something that was apparently lacking under the old regime.

On 26th January, before the National Assembly, Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris disclosed that as of the 31st December 2015, there were 10,777 passports issued under the CBI programme since 2005. Of note is the rapidly increasing rate at which these passports have been issued: from 5 passports in 2005 to 2,296 in 2015. These are the figures for passports issued under the CBI programme in the last 10 years:

2005 – 5 passports issued
2006 – 19
2007 – 75
2008 – 202
2009 – 292
2010 – 664
2011 – 1092
2012 – 1758
2013 – 2044
2014 – 2329
2015 – 2296

Records for passport issuance pre-2005 do not appear to have been available. Dr Harris used the occasion to attack the previous administration, under PM Douglas, accusing it of ‘abuse and misuse’, a lack of accountability and significant mismanagement of the programme. Such was the extent of the mismanagement that the US Treasury and the Canadian Government had viewed the practices adopted, particularly in respect of vetting of applicants, as a security risk. It is well known that in November 2014 Canada withdrew visa free access for holders of the St Kitts and Nevis passport.

Dr Harris has repeatedly reiterated his government’s commitment to accountability and transparency in matters concerning the citizenship programme and to working to a restore the international credibility of the citizenship programme and the St Kitts & Nevis passport.

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